Find a career that's right for you

The property and casualty insurance industry offers a wide variety of career options!

Throughout your career to date, you have no doubt amassed knowledge, skills and approaches that have helped you to be successful in carrying out your work.  

When looking at making a transition to a new field, or to any new job for that matter, it is important that you not assume your potential employer has a lot of context for your previous roles and how they may apply to the role you are interested in. 

You essentially need to ‘connect the dots’ and draw parallels to how your experience can translate to your new field.  Keep an open mind, don’t leave anything to the imagination and get creative! 

Examine your previous roles, your approach to your responsibilities, the tasks you undertook and the results you achieved. Also, consider each role’s scope - were you supporting a key part of your company’s operations or services? supervising a team? advising your organization’s leaders? 

All of these are important questions in examining the transferability of your experience.

You may be surprised to see how much of your previous experience may be leveraged in a career in insurance.